Voices from the past echo in the present


The Ground Beneath Us is a nominated award for artists, musicians, dancers, and writers who use narrative and research to shape their work. GBU Fellows create work that highlights stories of resistance, redemption and equity. Fellows receive a $4000 stipend to cover travel, supplies, and food.

Fellows will take part in community workshops and lectures in the village of Waterford and will have studio space on site at North Meadow Farm. Fellows have nine months to finish a body of work for public exhibition the following year. Besides the public exhibition, a public talk in the John Wesley Meeting House will be scheduled. Fellows will also create a 32-page publication in conjunction with Cumbersome Multiples, a design/print studio out of Portland, Oregon. These publications will be printed at Portland’s Scout Books and will constitute a growing library. The publication will be released at the time of the public talk. In collaboration with Cumbersome Multiples, the Fellows will also create a limited-edition print that becomes part of the Ground Beneath Us Permanent Collection. Residents are strongly encouraged to find companion funding.


Daniel Duford researched the life of abolitionist John Brown. He created a series of watercolors and writings. His publication “John Brown’s Body”includes short essays and ink drawings.


Tracy Schlapp and Danny Wilson received support to perform live concerts in Oregon Prisons.
”CASH: Music, Legacy, & Redemption”

waterford map.jpg

JOHN BROWN’S BODY Daniel Duford’s 2018 publication includes this map of Waterford.